Personalised Bans

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Pick rate accounts for games where the champion could not be picked due to being banned.

This list is primarily about consistency, not power. Strong champions can be inconsistent.

The less you know about your team, the more useful this information is.

The way people choose bans is based heavily in frustration, popular opinion, and potential power. But these often lead to inaccurate choices to maximize the chances of winning. Instead, Best Bans calculates the win consistency of every champion for every tier using nothing but winrate, pickrate, and banrate (which partially adjusts pickrate), nothing else.

Best Bans calculates win consistency, which matters more than a champion's strength or frustration when banning; a champion's strength does not matter if they are not picked enough or most players cannot succesfully use that power, and frustrating champions often have low winrates and pickrates.

Take note that you should always tell your teammates what you intend to ban, or you deny your team the chance of using the consistent champions, creating a net-zero benefit.

Because these lists are based on averages, these ban recommendations are most useful when you know nearly nothing about either team, when there is an information vacuum. The more knowledge you have of your own picks, your team composition, and the enemy composition, the less useful these recommendations are.

The simplest answer is that they simply don't win enough or aren't picked enough. You can search the tables at the bottom of each page to find the champion you're interested in; you may be surprised how often they actually win on average.

More then that, take note that winrate reflects consistency, not potential strength. Even if a low-winrate champion can theoretically win 100% of the time with perfect play, it doesn't change that on average, you will win against them, increasing your total LP gains. Many of the most frustrating champions have surprisingly low win consistency.

These bans are recommended even if your teammates may get annoyed by not banning a champion. Let's assume that your teammates get ticked off every time X Champ is picked by the enemies. Even with this annoyance buff that X champ always receives from not being banned, it doesn't change that the champion has a lower consistency than other choices. Unless your teammate intends to be fully toxic, your best chance of success is still to ban X champ.

It is meaningless to ban out particular champions to stop your own team from playing them. You deny the enemy team the chance of picking that champion which statistically will be in your favor. This also means that banning from your team is a net-zero benefit from the ban; it's literally meaningless and only frustrates teammates. Additionally, you have the ability to look up your own teammates and see if their history on the champion defies the average.

Pickrate and winrate data is gathered from

For specific regions, pickrate data is gathered from Lolking for further accuracy.

The exact formulas to calculate win consistency (influence) can be found in the headers of the table.

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